The training-monster under our beds is real…

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and it is understandable that all HR managers struggle to address, let alone solve this problem.

How do we:

  • Empower employees to call out sexual harassment?
  • Put strategies in place to constructively report and minimise abuse? 
  • Educate our staff on not just understanding what sexual harassment is, but how to stand up to it?
  • Change behaviours and recognise unhealthy power dynamics that allow sexual harassment to exist unchallenged? 

Traditional training methods cause administrative nightmares. You may spend hours stuck in endless scheduling and rescheduling due to absent staff. And we all know, loss of work hours seeps through the entire company. And when the tensions build, creating an effective company culture is not only unfeasible, but it might be unimaginable. In this whirlwind, there is no clear way to evaluate or monitor staff’s engagement. Add these two simple examples to the growth path considerations of an organisation and we begin to see the web that holds you from progress. The training-monster is slow, ineffective and expensive. But worse, when staff is confused, uninterested and the key issues are left unclear, it leaves an organisation at great risk.



A case study: An employee arrived at work preparing herself for a regular day. Her upline entered the room and strategically isolated her from her colleagues, grabbed her breast and whispered in her ear, “Nice sexual harassment, right?” (we kid you not, this is a true story). After considering her options carefully, and trusting her company’s policies, she set out on the formal route and laid a complaint. She was met with: “Please don’t talk about it. You are not allowed to tell anybody”. To read the rest of the case study, and how fight turned to flight, read the article here.   



We have a legal obligation to create respectful workspaces – but is that the only reason we create respectful workspaces?  

At Easy Training we collaborate and create easy solutions that impact positive company cultures. Instilling value in every employee and ensuring a work environment that is healthy, caring and supportive, allows them to flourish, leading to company success. 

To sustain your company’s unique workflow and sustained efficiency:

  • Our course on sexual harassment is no longer than 60 minutes – although the course is short (to maximise your workflow and employee efficiency), it covers a large base of scenarios, explains pertinent concepts in detail and addresses all the necessary key points regarding sexual harassment in the workplace;
  • Employees can access the course online from any device, at any time, from anywhere (As long as they have a stable internet connection); 
  • Each employee is able to complete their course at their own pace; 
  • The content is enjoyable and engaging; and
  • Each employee receives a certificate of completion without disrupting business and operations.

Because maintaining a healthy company culture and effective workforce is an ongoing challenge, HR Managers have complete oversight over their staff’s training progress through our Management Dashboard. With Easy Training, you are able to onboard and train all employees, old and new, to create safe workspaces and elevate your company culture. Through our user-friendly interface, the training process, proof of compliance and progress statuses and reports can be accessed and maintained with ease.

Our creative, youthful and engaging approach, ensures an easy, safe and comfortable training environment. With a smidge of humour, difficult topics are raised and engaged with openly, caringly and sensitively, creating company cultures that are safe, inclusive and current. 

Reach out to us at for our first course on sexual harassment prevention to join the conversation and collaborate. It’s that simple. 

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